Working on a Healthier and Wealthier India!


Roger & Ally Shehata along side with Rupesh & Harika are on a mission to making a healthier and wealthier Indian community not only in Australia but also back into India.

Both Harika and Rupesh had great results on the products. Rupesh lost 14kgs in less than 3 months and Harika lost 5 kgs in a month and significantly increased her immune system, both have felt a difference in their energy and now living a healthier lifestyle. With wonderful results and strong belief in the products and company, Rupesh and Harika decided to start the business opportunity part time. Both were working hard in a major supermarket, as they could not find jobs in the professions as scientists. Now they are earning more part time in the company than their full time jobs and making a major difference in the health of many.

Harika has recently resigned from her job only after 2 months in the business and Rupesh is planning to follow shortly.

We have people from office workers, bus drivers, doctors, taxi drivers and engineers, getting tremendous financial benefits and are now full time in our company.

After all of them achieving great health results on the products, they thought why not share this with other people? As India today is one of the fastest growing markets for their company today, they are reaching out to Indian’s in Australia to help with the expansion program locally and back into India. They are looking for 5 key people from the Indian community who would like to earn up to an extra $1,000 to $4,000 per month PART TIME or alot more FULL TIME, without affecting what they are currently doing. They will be working very closely with these key people to help them achieving dynamic health as well as teaching them how to build a financial wall around them that is virtually impenetrable. With a head office in Bangalore and sales centres spread throughout parts of India.

For more information on how you can enrol and play a part in helping the Indian community with the distribution of the State of the Art Health and Wellness products as well as the opportunity to create an above average income, please contact Rupesh/Harika on 0433 079 695 or Roger on 0419 107 036 or email