Woman in-charge-Kanishko Das


Westpac launched the Ruby Indian Network at the Westpac Building in the Sydney CBD. The event was put together by Westpac’s India-Country Manager Sonia Koshi, and was attended by more than 50 female entrepreneurs, and was graced by Chief Guests Larke Reimer, Director of Westpac’s Women’s Markets, Jenny West Head of Migrant and Expatriate Banking, and Damien McRae, the General Manager Premium Financial Services of Westpac. Hosted by Sonia, it was an evening of drinks, canapés and an inspiring speech by Larke.

Ruby is a network of Women entrepreneurs and is all about connecting, educating, inspiring and creating opportunities for Women in Business. Ruby is a unit of Westpac dedicated to supporting female customers. Their Women’s Markets team comprises business development managers who work alongside women to help them build sustainable and profitable futures. Facilitated by education, information sharing and networking opportunities through a national program run across metropolitan and regional Australia, Ruby has touched the lives of women entrepreneurs across the country. This is where the Davidson Institute comes in as well.

The Davidson Institute is an initiative of Westpac Bank providing education and training in both personal finance and business management. Their mission is to help all Australians make confident financial decisions through improved financial literacy. Since 2001, The Davidson Institute has supported over 50,000 business owners and consumers across Australia ranging from family owned and operated enterprises to large corporations across many industries. Its services include a free online learning centre, short courses, free local seminars and accredited courses. Integrating with the aforementioned is Westpac’s Migrant and Multicultural Banking Division and Premium Financial Services.

Westpac’s Migrant and Multicultural Banking Division focuses on attracting new migrants and servicing the needs of multicultural residents in Australia through special offers, unique product criteria, multilingual services and onshore/offshore representation. They assist newly arrived customers into Australia with making their transition into life in Australia as smooth as possible and have a range of products to cater to all their banking needs whether personal or business.

Westpac’s Premium Financial Services offers time poor professionals informed, personal and practical advice including market-leading financial solutions. They help with achieving the future goals of newly arrived migrants by providing the right resources and personalised service when creating a new life in Australia. Together with Ruby, Westpac is offering a host of opportunities for migrant women entrepreneurs to help them set up their business here in Australia.

Larke has served 28 years in Westpac. In her years with Westpac she worked across all areas of the bank. Recently recognised by the World Bank as a global best practice business, Westpac has gone from one peak to the next under Larke’s leadership since her appointment as Head of the Women’s Markets unit in 2005.

This launch of Ruby network for the Indian community was held on the back of Ruby’s launch in London. Larke’s very approach to business is different. “Women’s purchasing power in the world’s economy is $23 trillion and their share is growing up daily. Women think differently and their approach to business to different as well,” noted Larke.

In 2010 Larke was appointed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Women’s Advisory Network. Larke is also a member of the Advisory board on Diversity for Allen Linklater’s Lawyers as well as a member of the WeConnect Advisory Board. In 2011 Larke was recognised by The International Alliance for Women for her efforts in advancing economic empowerment of women worldwide and was awarded with the World of Difference award.