Who will be “Entrepreneur of the year” Kanishko Das speaks to IEC President Vinay Sharma


As the Indian Executive Club (IEC) networking events gain more and more popularity with entrepreneurs, the Awards Night has become the highlight of the year celebrating the strategies and successes of individuals and businesses in the last 12 months. Preparations are well underway for the Indian Executive Club Awards in November.
Now that the jury has been announced, the community is keenly looking out for the announcements on the nominees. The second edition of the IEC Awards promises to bring more excitement.
Indus Age, Indian Executive’s sister publication, caught up with IEC President Vinay Sharma and quizzed him about the IEC awards, and the nominations.

For all our readers who may have missed the first annual IEC Awards, can you tell us what they are about?

The awards are about recognising the successes of the small-to-medium enterprises, other executives and the community’s entrepreneurial spirit. The winners will be recognised at a gala awards function night, an IEC event.

What is going to be different this year?

First, it has been named the 2nd Business and Community Awards, and will be presented by the IEC. The renaming reflects the evolution of the awards primarily due to the success and quality feedback received from the awards last year.
Second, there will be three types of awards the People’s Choice Awards, the Community Awards and the Business & Executive Awards. The winner of People’s Choice awards will be decided via public voting. The recipients of the CommunityAwards will be decided by the Principals of IEC. The Business and Executive award winners will be decided by an independent award council.
Finally, the winners of the awards will be awarded at a gala awards function night to be held at Peninsula in Docklands on 3 November.

The People’s Choice awards sounds exciting. What will they focus on?

For 2012, the People’s Choice awards will focus on three Industries cafés and restaurants, travel and tourism and entertainment. Business in these industries can nominate via the nomination form available on IEC’s website. Nominations were open on 15 May and will close31 August. The general public will be invited to vote from 1 September and voting will close midnight 5 October. After that, the awards council will tally votes and announce winners on 13 October at an IEC Media function. Winners will be presented with their awards on 3 November.

What about the Community Awards?

The recipients of the community awards will be decided by the principals of the IEC, Siddarth Suresh and Srikant Balan. The recipients will also be announced at the IEC’s media function on 13 October and will receive their awards at the gala night on 3 November.
And the Business and Executive Awards?

There will be three categories of businesses, which are micro, small and medium business.
To be recognised in the micro business category, businesses will need to have an annual turnover between $25,000$999,999; for the small business category the turnover needs to be between $1,000,000$9,999,999 and for the medium business category the turnover needs to be between $10,000,000$50,000,000.

For executives there are two categories — the executive and the young executive. To be in the young executive category nominees will need to be 40 years or younger as on 31 October and employed in middle or senior management role.
Nominees have to complete a nomination form available on the IE website. Nominations will close on 15 September. All nominees for Business, Young Executive and Executive awards announced will be announced at the IEC’s media function on 13 October and presented with their awards on 3November.

What other events is the IEC hosting for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Earlier in the year we announced that we will be holding four key networking functions in addition to the awards function. In April, we hosted our first networking function, which was well attended. We are very close to finalising our next event to be held in July in the Melbourne South East region. We aim to hold two more functions in Melbourne’s North and West respectively and this will lead-up nicely to the final function of 2012, being the awards gala night.
The April function focused on outcomes of the Victorian Trade Delegation Mission to India and we were privileged to have Ms Rohini Kappadath from Pitcher Partners and Mr Ravi Bhatia, President of the Australia India Business Council – Victorian Chapter as key note speakers. The remaining function will also continue to be around key themes. Thekey theme for July will be manufacturing.
Indian Executive continues to grow in circulation numbers and continues to successfully profile key businesses and people, and is becoming a valuable resource for the members of IEC.

What is going to happen at the 3 November gala?

We are currently in discussions with major sponsors and key speakers from Australia and India. We are expecting to finalise all details of the IEC Awards Evening gala by July and will then be in a position to release all the details. On behalf of the IEC, I request the readers to purchase their tickets in advance and participate in this grand IEC Awards evening’s gala night. I would also like to invite everyone to come out and nominatetheir favourites for the 2nd Business and Community Awards.