Welcome to our new member: Advent consulting


Advent functions as Structural Engineering consultants providing high quality, value added Structural Engineering and Project Management Services on Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

Promoted by a multifunctional team with international experience in Australia, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle-East, Advent consulting are committed to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions providing commercial advantages to their clients.

Through a knowledge-driven collaborative approach and by adopting state of the art design and drafting tools, Advent creates and delivers safe and efficient designs that meet all clients’ requirements.
It is commitment to quality and excellence that ensures consistent delivery of the best possible outcomes.

Advent is headquartered in Sydney & also had a presence in Mulgrave (Melbourne). They provide consultancy services to all states in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, Advent works with trusted collaborators providing professional services in the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.