VECCI- IEC networking event: A fruitful turn out


With over 40 business owners & many an aspiring entrepreneur in attendance, the “GROW YOUR BUSINESS” networking event was proof of the hunger for business development & entrepreneurship within SME sector of the growing Indian diaspora. Indian Executive Club (IEC) was proud to partner with VECCI & Aus Industry to host an event that had experts in various categories of business development come forward and share either new programmes or existing products offered by VECCI.

The two hour event shed light on Aus Industry’s new programmes to provide free services and possible fundings that was aimed at being beneficial for the small-medium enterprise sector. IEC prides itself on keeping it’s central focus on recognising, supporting & profiling the Small to medium enterprise sector of the growing Indian diaspora in Australia and therefore, this collaboration with VECCI was an fruitful example of the IEC vision for 2015.

VECCI eventSome of the key speakers & topics were:

Vineet Ahuja, one of VECCI’s key business managers, shared in depth information on The Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme. It offers easy-to-access practical support to Australian businesses in a simplified and streamlined way. The Programme is a new approach to the way government provides services to business. It recognises Australia’s diverse business landscape and that the market and industry is changing in the global economy.


Accelerating Commercialisation – Ron Mack 

This element provides expert guidance, connections and grants to accelerate the commercialisation of novel intellectual property in the form of novel products, processes and services at VECCI.

Industry Skills Fund – Cherie Earsman 

The Fund supports growth by helping businesses invest in training and support services. It is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (including micro businesses), although larger organisations may apply. You can apply as an individual business or through a consortium.

Funding is available in two categories:

  • Free Skills Advice to help you identify your needs and find training solutions that will grow your business.
  • Training Grants to help you with the cost of training your staff.

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