Top 25 restaurants in SpiceOut Luxury Edition


Indian Executive Club is granting 25 restaurants from all across Melbourne the chance to be featured in the SpiceOut luxury edition this year. It will include five of the best restaurants from each of the following areas;

  • North,
  • South-East,
  • West 
  • CBD


Only 10 spots remain in this luxury edition! 

Kindly contact our team at IEC on to register an interest! 

Natasha Doraiswamy, Vice Chairperson


‘Spice Out’ is the Indian Executive Club’s (IEC) annual publication targeting the hospitality sector. We aim to celebrate this luxury edition at our 5 hour Annual Corporate event ‘SpiceOut Awards 2015’. 

The event will deliver a VIP atmosphere from start to finish all guests play witness to the day’s food festival finale(India day Food Festival) and the beginning of a new platform for awards – Recognition towards the cream of entrepreneurs from the hospitality sector at Spice Out Awards 2015.