The project finishes at the end of 2013, says BMD Constructions manager By Brent Diamond


CONSTRUCTION of the $440 million development of Wyndham Harbour is one of the most “prestigious” jobs that BMD Constructions have been involved in, according to Construction Manager, Eric Waters .

Waters conducts a team of workers who are toiling endless hours six days a week, with only Sundays off and two weeks off at Christmas. Wyndham Harbour is due for completion at the end of 2013.

For such an arduous assignment, Waters believes the excitement to be a part of the changing landscape of the City of Wyndham allows the work to be much more fruitful than what regular construction job might be.

“I would say it’s one of the biggest jobs that I’ve been involved in,” Waters told Au Zone magazine. “Wyndham Harbour is an exciting development to be involved in. This prestigious development will certainly change the landscape and we know it “One thing for sure, it’s definitely enjoyable. It’s not often in this industry that you get to go to a harbour every day for work. The planning involved certainly makes it interesting and challenging.”

The development includes a mix of block sizes, with no block further than 150m from the marina, some even waterfront. The development is in its final stage, with only a limited number of blocks remaining at the most prestigious end of the site offering not only waterfront property, but also beachfront. The development also includes two apartment towers (one sold, and one to be released in 2012), two new beaches, up to 1000 wet berths and 390 dry berths as well as shops, cafes and retail. Patience has been and will continue to be a virtue for Werribee South residents to witness what is going to be undoubtedly one of the most upmarket destinations in this growth corridor.

Currently, the planning approval process is the hardest part of it all according to Waters. “It’s been pretty complicated in terms of design and planning approvals but that is on-going. We’ve commenced working on site, and we have just started the residential works with the introduction of the sewer,” he said.

“There are three stages so we’ve started the sewer of 1A. We have has also begun construction on the Southern Breakwater about a week ago which is exciting as it marks the beginning of construction of the marina that the West has been waiting for over 20 years..”
Waters commented that there are some local contractors from Werribee working on the project, but most of BMD come from around Melbourne.

At the finish of it all will come a new home for residents, transforming Wyndham to the new mecca of sight-seeing and beach lifestyle in the west. Wyndham Harbour’s most prized land lots were released to the public on 14 May, with more stages to be slowly released. The development would be also be a major boost for the economy, creating up to 3000 jobs during a five-year construction period and up to 440 jobs associated with marina operations, retail activity and property and site maintenance.

General Manager of the Boating Industry Association Victoria Mr Clyde Batty supports the project. “Recreational boating is increasing in popularity in Victoria particularly amongst families. Therefore it is important to provide a safe environment with these types of facilities and amenities to create a great base from which participants can enjoy Melbourne’s waters,” he said.