The Entertainment Business – A Lonely Walk


The entertainment business, with all its glitz and glam, is a tricky affair. There are superstars who make the show and then there are the support crews who work tirelessly around them to make those superstars glitter. Being a lady in the industry calls for twice the effort what with all the hidden and not-so-hidden obstacles and traps. Indian Executove talked to Kavita Chabra, one of the first few female entrepreneurs to be working in the entertainment industry. An events expert, Kavita shared her challenges, successes and new ventures with us.

Kavita says, “Honestly, in the entertainment business, women genuinely don’t support other successful women. Often, it is a lonely walk with no mentors to really guide and show us the way.”She says, “If you are deemed an attractive woman, there are even more challenges… that’s for sure.”Kavita believes that she understands the challenges women face in the entertainment business, and she has been committed to empower women in the entertainment industry through campaigning to raise awareness and redress the common problems women face in this industry.

Kavita is actively involved in organising events in Victoria and NSW. She is currently running an events management production known as Urban Vegas, which she launched on 27 July last year. “Urban Vegas emphasises touring, promoting local and international music, event management, design and advertising. Urban Vegas is now in the process of bringing various artists to keep Australia entertained,” explains Kavita.

Urban Vegas is an excellent opportunity, not just to reach out to our community, but also to showcase and support the South Asian cultures “in turn bringing the community closer to their roots and providing them with an opportunity for great entertainment”, adds Kavita.

Ms Chabra isa Malaysian born businesswoman. She is the youngest of her three siblings. She pursued her tertiary education in London. “I then explored opportunities and endeavours around Europe, America and many South Asia countries. These experiences have groomed me to be an optimistic and yet a joyful person,” says Kavita. Being in the entertainment industry Kavita believes that “it is not about settling for mediocrity but instead it is about the quality of work that one produces; work that generationsbeyond can look to as a source of pride and inspiration”.
Knowing what you want and don’t want want is often just half the battle in the entertainment industry, she insists. Music has taken us through different levels and stages, transcended boundaries and melted hearts.

South Asia performers have been frequenting Sydney and Melbourne in recent years. Among music genres, rap has been gaining a wide following across the world. Kavita says, “I love rap. Rap is all about expressing an individual lifestyle and a journey”.This was one of the reasons Kavita brought Bohemia, the Punjabi rock legend, to Australia and New Zealand in 2012.

Ms Chabra feels that she has been very fortunate to have workedwith reputed companies locally and internationally. “My motto in life would be never just work for the sake of making ends meet, but I would work to be fulfilled, even if it is the road less taken. Work to share your passion and gifts with the world. To do this, we must put our career dreams first; give them room to come true. Dreams only come true from sharing and living them,” explains Kavita. Indeed Kavita seems to be set to explore the entertainment industry in Australia and Asia.