The Candidate that No one want to contend with


This book is a fantastic read. Since all of us are familiar with US politics and it’s workings, there is an immediate connection with the plot setting. With extremely fleshed-out characters, this book makes for an arresting read. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down.

There is a detailed commentary on the political situation and solutions that can only be described as incredible. While the plot in detailed and credible, it makes for an easy read for a political novice. The greater details will be appreciated by the political junkie. Truly, a book for all.

There are parts of the book that, had it been a movie, will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. It’s political setting and juxtaposition of the good and the bad in politics leave us hoping for a leader as the one described.

Frank Kenneth Stein, decides to run for the office of the President of the United States following a series of incidents. This makes him the target of all those who wish for the same coveted post. An independent with ideas that are heretic in the rarified circles that the leaders inhabit, he goes on to list his series of commandments that touch every aspect of life of a country – political and economic as well as social.

His “rules” definitely gets one thinking about the plausibility of such actions in real life and how useful and productive they would be.

A very carefully thought out book, many will find that it is a book about what they would like to say about the world politics as it is today.It also gives an in-depth look into the intense competition and manouvering that characterises politics in any country.
Buy it!

You will be disappointed when you close the book and the roller coaster ride is over.