Strategy to build on Victoria’s trade ties with China


The Victorian Coalition Government has outlined its plan to develop a long-term partnership with China to grow trade, open new markets and attract investment.

Premier Ted Baillieu launched the Victoria-China Engagement Strategy ahead of his super trade mission to China, the largest to ever leave Australian shores.

With more than 600 delegates representing more than 400 Victorian organisations spreading out across 13 Chinese cities, Mr Baillieu said the mission set a new benchmark for engaging with China.

“Victoria’s relationship with China has never been more significant,” Mr Baillieu said. “This mission will help develop a long-term partnership with China through stronger economic engagement, a deeper cultural understanding and enhanced strategic partnerships.”

Mr Baillieu said the strategy formed part of the Coalition Government’s $50 million commitment to helping Victorian businesses find new global markets for goods and services, attract international investment and generate new jobs.

The engagement strategy outlines five key priority areas aimed at facilitating trade, attracting investment and supporting new research and development, as well as boosting Victoria’s Chinese language skills and developing deep and lasting relationships that position Victoria for the future.

“Victoria and China have a long history of collaboration and partnership. Now, more than ever, we must take the opportunities outlined in this strategy to deepen and broaden the important business, personal and cultural links between us,” Mr Baillieu said.

“China is Victoria’s largest trading partner and an increasingly important source of investment, students, tourists, migrants and knowledge. China’s middle class is growing rapidly, altering patterns of consumption and driving demand for quality goods and services,” he said.  

Mr Baillieu said the strategy will help Victorian businesses capitalise on that demand and the extraordinary opportunities that exist in China to attract new jobs and investment to Victoria.