Spice Out 2016 Nomination Form

Terms & Conditions for Nominees

  1. Each restaurant can nominate their restaurant for a maximum of 2 categories only.
  2. Nominees understand that the awards are based on a popular online voting system created by Narwee Media.
  3. The voting will commence on 15th May and end on 30th July 2016.
  4. Voters can only vote on www.iecawards.com.au.
  5. Organising bulk votes will be detected by our system and the nominee would be disqualified.
  6. Voting will be restricted to MELBOURNE only, votes coming for any other place will be detected and nominee would be disqualified.
  7. The restaurant getting the highest amount of votes will be declared the winner on 13th August in a gala awards night.
  8. The nominated restaurant will need to provide a good quality logo, which will be used on the website and The Indian Sun magazine for voting and marketing purposes.