A spectacular extravaganza is what one should expect at Spice out 2.

A colourful culinary explosion that is set to go off on the 15th of August at the Werribee Race Course at the closing of Day 1 at the South Asian Food Festival.

With many entrepreneurs from the hospitality sector expected to take part in the two-day food festival, the corporate event will be an exclusive opportunity for entrepreneurs to network during the festival hours. ‘Spice Out’ is the Indian Executive Club’s (IEC) annual publication targeting the hospitality sector and is celebrated at this 5 hour Corporate event.

The event will deliver a VIP atmosphere from start to finish all guests play witness to the day’s food festival finale and the beginning of a new platform for awards – Recognition towards the cream of entrepreneurs from the hospitality sector at Spice Out 2.

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Last year, the title was launched by world-renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor at a grand event attended by over three hundred guests. Continuing with the tradition of hosting unique corporate events, IEC is preparing for high end partners to make the event worthwhile for participants.

The two festivals – South Asian Food Festival(15th August) and International Food Festival (16th August) – is an occasion that promises to bring numerous food lovers from across Victoria to Wyndham area. The 2 day fiesta organised by Festivals of South Asia Inc is partnering with many local community organisations like OFBJP and Western Gymkhana. In March earlier this year, FOSAI organised a Holi Fest which drew around 18,000 participants.

The event has local artistes performing, spice markets and food workshops.

This is the first time an Indian Food Festival is being organised in Australia.

If you would like to become an event partner contact
Natasha Doraiswamy
Vice Chairperson

For all ticket bookings & enquiries