South Australia calls Indian investors


The South Australia province has invited Indian investors to tap the huge potential of the largely unexplored mining sector along with education and renewable energy segments.

“India is our big trading partner. Not only in buying our minerals, we would like to have Indian presence in the exploration and development of the mines. I think there are enormous opportunities for investors,” South Australia premier Mike Rann said. Rann added that already 30 million Australian dollars have been spent in exploration and the state now has 13 mines with 30 more slated to come up in the near future.

“With those mines coming up, it will be $1.4 trillion resource with mine life of 100 years. There would also be a huge uranium mine as well as fairly big copper mines and the world’s biggest gold mine, all in this giant resource,” Rann said.

The premier also invited investors in segments like defence, education and renewable energy.

“At present, 54 per cent of Australian wind power is produced by our state and we are very delighted to have an Indian company Suzlon investing a huge sum and helping us in the rollout of wind power. I hope to see more Indian players in the field,” he added.