BY Alys Francis

What do wine and recruitment have in common?

Most people would say nothing. Rohit Gupta not only saw the similarities, he founded a business based on them. RG Recruitment is turning the tables in the Australian hiring industry, from a model focused on employers to one looking at candidates as “the main ingredient”.
“This industry is revolving around employers and them finding the right candidate,” Gupta said. “But what about candidates and what role or training is right for them to develop their career? No one seems to look at that.”

Gupta is setting about building a ‘strong’ pool of candidates to tempt employers. Which, funnily enough, turns out to be not unlike making that unforgettable red. “The slower the process is, the stronger and better the outcome,” he explained. “It’s like aging a wine.”

But even more revolutionary in an industry where employers are used to paying exorbitant recruitment fees based of annual salary packages – RG Recruitment charges a single fixed fee for every candidate hired.
“Our fees aren’t based on percentage of the annual salary of the employee – so whether we look for the senior most position or the entry-level employee our fees are fixed,” Gupta said. “That way we know we always work at our best without being affected by the commission we might earn.”

Aside from building a strong pool of candidates “with diverse backgrounds,” Gupta is aiming to grow a pool of job listings. This way both the employer and the candidate have the ability to choose, he explained, “rather than just listing a job and waiting for the candidate to apply”.
“Once I have the pool ready then I’ll concentrate on ‘reverse marketing’ these strong candidates to potential employers.”

At RG Recruitment, Gupta has made it so that employers aren’t favoured simply because “they are paying the fees”. The aim instead is focused on finding the right candidate for the job and vice-versa.
With past experience working across hospitality, banking, education and travel at senior levels, Gupta said he knows the ins and outs of recruitment from multiple perspectives. “I have been involved in recruitment of staff and more importantly developing capacity of staff through training and professional development courses,” Gupta said. “I understand the recruitment process not only from employers perspective but also from the candidates perspective and hence can make the match perfect.

“I also run professional development programs for employers to enhance productivity of their current staff and at the same time advise candidates to take on specialized courses to find right jobs.”
It’s always difficult being the first trying to swim against the tide, and Gupta realises this, saying he is well aware the focus in recruitment today is firmly on the employer. “However, it’s only a matter of time before employers and candidates realize the benefits of this unique process and jump on the bandwagon,” he said.