Sanjay will be in charge of the total Australian operations and the driving force. Somebody (from the family) has to be there. There is a dedicated team already in place in Australia up to the position of CEO and managing director. The total team will report to Sanjay there.

– GVK group chairman GV Krishna Reddy announcing Sanjay Reddy’s relocation to Australia to manage the group’s $1.3-billion acquisition of Hancock Coal.

You don’t know how to calibrate risk because you don’t know enough about what those underlying assets actually are nor how that risk is measured.
Vikram Pandit, CEO Citigroup

India is the world’s youngest nation. What a superb opportune position for us on the global stage. Let’s all work together to seize the opportunity.
– Vijay Mallya

Our data suggests that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality.
— Dr Conrado Avendano, Argentinian biochemist

In India, in particular we have witnessed exceptional growth. Year-to-date we are up almost 40 per cent in this country.
– Chairman and Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft Foods Inc, North America’s largest packaged food maker

India should overtake Japan in 2011 to become the third-largest economy in the world at purchasing power parity.
– Sunil Sinha, head of research and senior economist at Crisil.

6,500 – Indian students deported from Australia due to visa irregularities.

$ 1.00 – The cost of the new Adidas shoe in India.

51% – FDI in multi-brand retail exceeded Walmart’s initial expectations

200 Million – The number of Internet users in India by 2014, according to Google.

GBP £ 120 Million – The price London-based Raj Bagri is reported to have sold his stately home in North London’s Regent’s Park for.