Number Games


$ 11 billion: Investment by Indian companies in the US, a process that has created more than 100,000 jobs.
A$ 40 billion: Estimates for Australia-India bilateral trade in the next three years. Growth in two-way trade reached A$22 billion in 2010-11. Australia is an important source for India’s gold, chickpea, coal, copper ores, lead and wool requirements, as well as education and skills based training.

$35: The price of Google Inc’s ‘Chromecast’ – a two-inch gadget that will plug into the back of televisions and let users stream YouTube and Netflix videos via their smart phones.

400%: iPhone’s growth in India. In fact, the growth prompted Apple CEO Cook to take back his words that he loved India but felt biz opportunities were much more elsewhere.

$ 2.7 billion: Price at which Cisco plans to buy security software maker Sourcefire to increase its network security services. Cisco will pay $76 per share for the company, a premium of 28.6 percent over its closing price.

5,000: Number of jobs Essar-owned Aegis, a global outsourcing and technology services company, plans to create at its centres in the US over the next four months.

App of the month

iDuas Ramadhan:
The application contains a detailed guide on what to do for the month of Ramadhan and contains supplications and salutations that are highly recommended to be recited during the Holy Month including the Nights of Power (Laylatul Qadr). A special feature includes the ability to download MP3s for each Du’a/Amaal and following along while reciting or listening.