MoneyGram launches anti-fraud website


To help educate consumers and arm them with the knowledge to protect themselves, MoneyGram has launched a new anti-fraud website.
MoneyGram provides a valuable service in transferring money for emergencies and to support the financial needs of families. Unfortunately, there are scammers who use the network and services – and those of competitors – for fraudulent and illegal purposes. In fact, in 2010, there were 4 billion phishing emails sent each day that attempted to extract money from unsuspecting consumers – and 700,000 U.S. consumers last year fell victim to money-related scams.
This is why, as part of their active leadership position in educating consumers about common scams and giving them the tools to protect themselves, MoneyGram have launched, a dedicated website that not only provides useful information but also details several common types of scams, such as sweepstakes and lottery scams, grandparent scams, check overpayment scams, mystery shopper scams and relationship scams.
Through this initiative, they are urging consumers –to use the downloadable tools and resources on this site and remember three simple rules we call “know, show and throw.”
?       Know – Always know the person to whom you are sending money.  Never send money to strangers.
?       Show – Never show or share information about your money transfer to anyone but the recipient.
?       Throw – Discard offers that promise easy ways to earn money, especially if the offers require you to send money before earning money.
Help MoneyGram get the word out about the new website by sharing it with your friends and loved ones, and add the address link to your list of “Favourites”. They encourage you to periodically visit or, as updated content and new features will be continually added to help consumers learn how to avoid being a victim of fraud.
Don’t become a victim. The more who know this information, the safer we’ll all be.