Luxury yacht covered in gold and platinum sells for US$5 billion


An anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent a staggering US$ 5 billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum.

The History Supreme (pictured) by UK-based Stuart Hughes – a firm that specialises in luxury customisation of cars, yachts, furniture, home technology and other gadgets – was assembled using a staggering 100,000 kilos of the precious metals.

They were used throughout the boat, from the base of the vessel – which is wrapped in solid gold – to the deck, dining area, rails and anchor.

The hefty price tag is also the result of an amazingly luxurious master bedroom. It’s adorned with platinum and has a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a genuine T-Rex dinosaur bone. Stuart Hughes and his company took three years to complete the project. It represents one of the 39-year-old’s more extravagant projects, and this is a man who specialises in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Hughes started his bespoke upgrade service in 2002 with his wife Katherine and has since applied his golden touch to all sorts of objects. His Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, for instance, is made from 68 kilos of 24 carat gold and is yours for a cool US$5 million. Then there is a special adaptation of the iPhone 4, worth a mind-blowing US$8 million. The Apple device is wrapped in 500 cut diamonds, including two interchangeable diamonds which fit over the ‘home’ button. Included in the price are a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8.0 carat single cut flawless diamond that are together worth more than US$6 million.

An even bigger diamond still is to be found in the firm’s luxury liquor presentation. The D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme is home to an 18.5 carat diamond, one of the world’s rarest. It’s no wonder that you’ll need to spend US$35 million before you can take a swig from it. Other items adorned with precious metals and diamonds that the firm has produced include laptops, beds, cars and even a suit.