Looking To Upgrade


Independent Software Advisors offers business solutions in Victoria

From manufacturing, engineering and process manufacturing to distribution in the food, beverage and related industries, jobbing/project management, import/export, transport and logistics, defence, freight forwarding, and many more, Independent Software Advisors provides free on-site IT consulting services in Victoria, to assist businesses looking to upgrade their existing ERP/MRP solutions.

“The company isn’t tied to any vendor and comes with an open mind to discover the specific requirement of a business,” says Brian Leacy, the firm’s Director. “We document the client requirements and select vendors that we know have the functionality to meet the client’s needs, including taking into account their budget,” he adds.

The firm’s advisors arrange for vendor site visits and accompany the vendor and participate in any demonstrations.

The Commonwealth Government currently has a new initiative called Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme, which provides eligible businesses a free business evaluation, through business advisors associated with EIP.  Additionally the business may be entitled to a grant of up to $20,000 for the implementation and training associated with the acquisition of new ERP/MRP solutions, through the Business Growth Grant. The grant funding can be used for a number of applications such as lean production processes or financial services etc and is available to eligible businesses turning over from $1.5 to $100 million dollars in certain prescribed industries.

“Independent Software Advisors works with a number of the Victorian business advisors associated with EIP and provides them with a monthly document outlining that we provide a free on-site consulting to their clients and a range of ERP/MRP solutions to cover the areas that they service for EIP,” says Leacy.

“The business advisers ask me to speak directly with their clients, to assist them to find the most appropriate solution for their businesses,” he adds.

For assistance regarding software solutions or for free business evaluation reviews through EIP, one can call Phone:   03 9846 6322; Mobile: 0412 612 704; Email: bleacy@bigpond.net.au