Jellyfish on your desk


Jellyfish are definitely fascinating creatures, almost hypnotising to watch… you could say they’re the lava lamps of the animal kingdom. That’s why Duke University Biology and Environmental Science alumnus Alex Andon started experimenting with adapting regular aquaria to make them jellyfish-friendly. His San Francisco based company Jellyfish Art is now marketing them as the Desktop Jellyfish Tanks. The creatures themselves are non-harmful-to-humans moon jellyfish, which can be purchased for US$39 each from the company. They will be overnight shipped from the company’s breeding facility, but are only available to residents of the continental U.S. Light is provided by a built-in LED lamp, the colour of which can be changed using a remote control. A pledge of US$350 will reserve you a tank and a voucher for a starter kit that includes food and three jellyfish.