Indian Executive Club builds business relationships across cultures




After the successful launch of the Indian Executive publication, the Indian Executive Club (IEC) was formed in 2010 with the key objectives of supporting, recognising and profiling the SME businesses and executives from the growing Indian diaspora in Australia.

“With a growing membership and supported via a media platform – both print and digital – the IEC is now recognised in Australia as a credible organisation,” said Chairman of the IEC, Vinay Sharma.

“The IEC holds value-adding networking functions throughout the year. Our signature events include Spice Out, to recognise the contribution of the hospitality and tourism businesses operated by the Indian diaspora in Australia, and the Indian Executive Club awards.”

The IEC also collaborates with other Australian organisations in joint networking events, and proactively meets with representatives across various industries. This includes corporate and sporting organisations to establish the best strategies for engaging with local Indian business people. The IEC organised a luncheon in February for Council representatives and Indian-operated businesses.

The Club can provide its expertise and cultural understanding to Australian SMEs wanting to deal with Indian SMEs and vice versa. It can also assist organisations looking to engage with the Indian diaspora such as food companies wanting to target this market.