Indian Americans form body to boost nanotechnology By Arun Kumar


Washington: Given the huge potential of nanotechnology, a group of Indian Americans professionals have launched The Indus Nanotech Association (TINA), which would connect entrepreneurs and businesspersons, researchers, technologists and investors.

The idea to launch TINA came up at a Nanotechnology Commercialisation conference organised by Thomas Abraham, president of Innovative Research and Products (iRAP), Inc., a Stamford, Connecticut firm conducting industry and market analysis of new generation technologies, in conjunction with CHEM SHOW 2011 in New York City recently.

Nanotechnology is termed by many as the “next big thing” among the emerging technologies. The US National Science Foundation has estimated the nanotechnology enabled market to reach $1 trillion by 2015.

There are a large number of Indian academics involved in nanotechnology research encompassing from sciences including chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biology and medicine, according to Abraham.

“We have reached the critical mass of a large number of Indian Americans involved in nanotechnology and nano-enabled technologies and the time has come to develop a networking group amongst us,” said Abraham, coordinator of the new group.

“We would like to see more collaboration between researchers and companies as well as B to B at these meetings to achieve early commercialisation of nanotechnologies,” added Abraham, who also founded the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO).

The new group will provide a platform for Indian origin nanotechnology researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas and provide networking opportunities among the nanotechnology professionals so as to advance the field and create new areas of business.

It will also create interactive and cooperative efforts between nanotechnology professionals and entrepreneurs living outside India with their counterparts in India.

The new group will organise international and regional meetings to promote new technologies and to provide opportunities
for technology developers to meet with potential investors.