Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara on Time cover


Washington: Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara has made it to the cover of Time magazine. Bharara, nicknamed the Sheriff of Wall Street, shot to fame for prosecuting Sri Lankan American hedge fund tycoon Raj Rajaratnam for insider trading. He is currently prosecuting Rajat Gupta, former McKinsey head and a former Goldman Sachs director, for allegedly giving tips to Rajaratnam.

“This man is busting Wall Street” reads the cover of Time, and comes with an article that details Bharara’s anti-corruption crusade as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Written by written by Bill Saporito and Massimo Calabresi, the article chronicles the life of US Attorney, who has taken down some of the financial world’s most prominent figures.

Born to a Sikh father and a Hindu mother, the 43-year-old Ferozepur-born Bharara grew up in New Jersey, a State which has a significant Indian-American population. He graduated from the Harvard in 1990.

Bharara’s picture appeared in the latest edition of Time, a day after he announced to have taken action against one of the oldest Swiss banks for having evaded American taxes and helping in flight of US money.

Sworn in on August 13, 2009, Bharara oversees hundreds of criminal and civil cases, involving international terrorism, financial fraud, insider trading, public corruption, and gang violence, as well as the resolution of alleged civil rights violations at various public venues.