IEC will deliver a year packed with activities for SMEs


I trust the Christmas and the New Year breaks have treated everyone very well and I hope you are looking forward to another exciting year in 2015.

2015 brought news of change within the IEC, with our valuable team member Malvika Mehta accepting an opportunity to further advance her career with an IT firm in Melbourne. This also meant Malvika had to leave her Vice Chairperson role. The IEC team expresses their deep appreciation towards Malvika for her tremendous contribution, dedication, and positive influence.

Team IEC was delighted with the appointment of Natasha Doraiswamy as the new Vice Chairperson.  Natasha came on board the IEC early last year and to date has added tremendous value to its operations.  In her new role, Natasha will contribute to the further growth of IEC as the focus remains on recognizing, supporting and profiling the executives and small-to-medium business enterprises from the growing Indian Diaspora in Australia.

A key area of central focus for Natasha is strengthening regular and timely communication from the IEC and this weekly newsletter is one of her initiatives.

In 2015 the IEC will continue to hold value added networking functions for members and also continue to participate in focus group and forums both in Australia and India to provide valuable feedback on engaging with and supporting the Executives and Small to Medium Enterprises from the Growing a Indian Diaspora in Australia.

IEC’s annual signature event is the ‘Indian Executive Club Awards’ held in November. This year will be a milestone year as we approach the 5th awards for which preparations are underway and details on the awards will be communicated during the coming months.  In addition to the awards the IEC’s hospitality chapter will hold the annual Spice Out event in June and this year the IEC’s education chapter is also planning a major networking event.

The first networking event, “Grow Your Business” in collaboration with VECCI and Aus Industry will be held on February 25th and I encourage all those who are already in business or planning to commence business to participate.

In closing, Team IEC look forward to your continued support in 2015 and your valuable feedback in strengthening the IEC in 2015.