IEC Awards date announced


Intro: Nominations for prestigious business and community awards to begin on May 1st

Blurb: “I’d like to offer our support and acknowledge the work done by IEC” — AIBC President Mr Ravi Bhatia
“The IEC awards are a celebration of achievements of the business community” Ms Vijaya Vaidyanath, Awards Council Member

Indian Executive Club (IEC) conducted its second exclusive networking event in Melbourne on 27 April. The event was sponsored by ForexCT, Tax Planners and Accord and it facilitated representatives from the business community to meet for a very productive networking opportunity.

IEC is the only platform for entrepreneurs and executives of Indian background to meet and network in Melbourne. Last month, over 100 participants from various sectors took part in the event that’s quickly gaining in popularity.

The IEC event, held at the Mod Oz Café on St Kilda Road, facilitated noted speakers to discuss Victoria’s Super Trade Mission to India. They keynote speakers for the evening were President of the Australia India Business Council (AIBC) Mr Ravi Bhatia and Director of cross border business at Pitcher Partners Consulting, Rohini Kappadath.

Following the successful completion of Mr Ted Baillieu’s Super Trade Mission to India, there was immense interest in the community to get a first-hand account of the mission. The evening began with the floor being open for members to interact. Ms Kapadath started the discussion by sharing her experiences on being part of the mission. She said: “The Victorian government has done a great deed by taking such a massive team to India. This has opened up many opportunities for the business community in Australia. It’s now left to us, to take the initiative and make it work.”

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Ms Kappadath also commented on how Indian business community back in India perceive the Australian business atmosphere. “In India, there’s a perception that this mission will not have any follow up action. It’s significant that we take the initiative and follow through on all the deals that were signed. It’s important we build those ties.”

IEC president Mr Vinay Sharma spoke during the second session. He announced the dates of the 2nd annual IEC awards to be held at the prestigious venue if Peninsula in Docklands on 3 November. Mr Sharma also announced members of the IEC awards council.

Ms Vijaya Vaidyanath, one of the awards council members, spoke briefly on the importance of the awards to the business community. Ms Vaidyanath said: “The IEC awards are a celebration of achievements of the business community. Let’s join the excitement and make this a credible platform for the young entrepreneur.” She requested the community to put in their nomination and compete for the prestigious awards to be announced on 3 November. “Our team of awards council will study your nominations and choose the best among you.”

Mr Bhatia later extended his support to IEC on behalf of the AIBC. “I’d like to offer our support and acknowledge the work done by the IEC .” Ravi Bhatia spoke in length about the importance of the Indian community embracing politics and looking beyond business.

Ms Malvika Mehta from the IEC concluded the session by thanking the key note speakers, IEC President Vinay Sharma, sponsors and participants. Malvika stressed on the quick growth and influence of the IEC in the community: “This platform for business networking is gaining immense popularity among entrepreneurs. In less than a year, we’ve grown to 125 members. We are receiving requests on a regular basis for events to be organised at different areas in Melbourne. Our members have gained through our networking opportunities, our social and cultural events and an awards programme. They have also gained exposure through our various media outlets.”

The next IEC networking event will be held in Melbourne in July. Venue is yet to be confirmed.