Roaring Success works with client companies to accelerate the growth of their businesses. Using their knowledge, industry experience and consulting expertise, Roaring Success lead clients through processes to optimise their strategic business planning; marketing & sales strategies; innovation strategies and critical performance improvement. Identifying new growth opportunities is a critical strategy for most manufacturers, yet many waste their scarce resources “tilting at windmills”.

Using the unique GrowthCube™ methodology developed by Roaring Success, they guide clients through the process of selecting the right opportunities and developing strategies to effectively win new sales. Good strategy is useless without effective implementation, so Roaring Success offer ongoing implementation support for senior managers, work-groups or project teams. Our services take many forms to suit the circumstances and RS move fluidly between consultation, facilitation, training, coaching, mentoring and implementation support.

Chris Thompson along with Steve woods & team help management resolve specific problems and conduct periodic strategic reviews. Their approach is not to tell people what to do but to lead them on a journey of discovery. They transfer knowledge and skills to the client during each project, so that by the end of an assignment the client has made their own strategic decisions and understand how they will put their plans into action. Working across many sectors including manufacturing, import/export and professional         services, Roaring Success does not have expertise in the hospitality or retail sectors.

Please call 03 8640 9009 to discuss the specifics of your situation. Or view their website for more information: