Greater Dandenong business owners voice views


“Seven per cent of Greater Dandenong’s residents were born in India, which is the second largest non-Australian born community in the municipality. Many of these residents have set up businesses in the area and it makes perfect sense for Council to connect with the community and establish relationships to assist growth in the area.” says Mayor O’Reily

In a recent collaboration with the Greater Dandenong City Council, The IEC facilitated an open discussion between the Mayor Sean O’Reilly, CEO John Bennie & Consulate General of India in Victoria Ms Manika Jain with many Indian business owners. These business owners were given the opportunity to voice their views, concerns and suggestions going forward to help better the relationship between the Council and businesses. Mayor Sean O’Reily felt there was much to take away and assess as constructive feedback and looked forward to building on the connections established at the Business Forum on friday.

“It was a positive example of how Council listens to and devises ways to assist the local business community.” says Mayor O’Reily

The IEC’s motive to co-host this business forum with the Greater Dandenong City Council was to set up opportunities for our businesses to connect with heads of council and discuss potential opportunities to work together in the future. It is over these lunches that the IEC & the city council endeavours to find out current issues, industry trends and projects affecting businesses.