Gadget of the Month :Spell check or spell shake


German inventors have developed a new hi-tech pen that gently vibrates every time it senses a spelling mistake or sloppy handwriting.

Lernstift may look like a regular pen with real ink, but inside is a special motion sensor and a small battery-powered Linux computer with a WiFi chip, which allow the pen to recognize specific movements, letter shapes and know a wide assortment of words.

The pen offers two functions — Calligraphy Mode, which points out flaws of form and legibility; and the Orthography Mode, which recognises words and compares them to a language database. If the word isn’t recognised it will vibrate.
The pen was invented by Daniel Kaesmacher and Falk Wolsky. Wolsky said the idea struck him when he was watching his 10-year-old son do his homework.