IEC People’s Choice Award, Café and Restaurant


Dushyant Miglani
Delhi Rocks
IEC People’s Choice Award, Café and Restaurant

The Indian Executive Club People’s Choice Award in the Cafe and Restaurant industry was presented to Delhi Rocks. As a restaurant that serves the taste of Delhi, Dushyant Miglani’s Delhi Rocks, which has three branches in Melbourne, is very popular for its homely taste. When he received the award from Gautam Gupta, newly elected councilor for Wyndham Council, Dushyant said, “It is a great honour and I feel proud of myself as the recipient of such a prestigious award. It was always my ambition to start a restaurant of my own and this is the first recognition I have got for my business. I consider it a great achievement in my life. I am thankful to the IEC team and to all those who voted for me.”