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Intro:Sumo Gobal Australia can help you secure a home in India

Story:Do you want to buy property in India? Not sure where to invest? Heard horror stories from friends and family about investments gone bad? If you dream of owning your own home in India but are not sure where to start, there is one company that will hold your hand through the process.

Sumo Global Australia aims to take the guesswork out of investing in India. It has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, US and South Africa.

Managing Director of Sumo Global Australia, Vishal Gupta says the biggest factor holding expat Indian back is a lack of awareness about the market. “We find that investors rely mostly of friends and family to guide them in the market and this is not the best option. There is a general feeling of fear.”

Sumo Global Australia will be the conduit between the investor and the builder in India. “We take them through the whole process and beyond. We help them choose the property, find a loan, and later, even find a tenant should they choose to rent.”

“We also help the form self-managed superfund which can be used to fund property in India,” he says.

At an event that was held this month, investors got to interact with experts in the field as well as the builders from India. Sumo Global will present the ideal opportunity to buy well-researched properties, directly from the builder.

The properties start from $90,000 and there are progressive payment plans to choose from.  “If you buy off the plan, you can make the payment over 3 years,” says Mr Gupta.

According to Mr Suren Pather, Chairman Sumo Global Australia, “Our aim is to help them (NRIs) mitigate the risks faced while investing in the Indian property sector.”

The Indian property market is perfectly poised as the option to park funds to achieve high capital growth and the rental market has shown a consistent increase as well.

Due to a number of factors, the Indian market is growing at the rate that is unimaginable in Australia. With high inflation, job creation and capital growth, not only can one make a good investment, the limit on taking money out of India is also high which means that bringing money back to Australia from your gains in India become easy and legal.

“If you had to name one factor, it’s urbanisation. We have more people living in cities in India than the entire population of the US combined and doubled,” says Mr Gupta. All this feeds into the growth that the expat Indian is in a perfect position of gain from.

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