Dr Sajimon George wins Hind Rattan Award


On the eve of India’s Republic day, in a glittering function in New Delhi, Dr Sajimon George, of Ayurclinic, Melbourne will be presented the prestigious Hind Rattan Award. Presented every year to select Non Resident Indians who have etched an identity socially and economically by virtue of their own excellence, Dr Sajimon will be honoured on 25 January during the 31st  International Congress of NRIs.

Earlier, Dr Sajimon was awarded the Australian Service Excellence Award 2011 in the field of Natural Medicine for his private practice Ayurclinic in Melbourne, Victoria. This is a significant achievement as Dr Sajimon migrated to Australia in 2005 when Ayurveda was new to Australia.

But in the five years since he first arrived in Australia, Dr Sajimon has helped increase the popularity of the ancient Indian system of medicine. Ayurclinic also provides homoeopathy treatment, a section of the practice  headed by Dr Sajimon’s wife, Joemol Abraham.