Dr Kiran Bedi releases IEC Who’s Who souvenir



With the launch of a ‘Top 50 Who’s Who Souvenir’ in Australia, the Indian Executive Club (IEC) was in the spotlight last month.
The ‘Top 50 Who’s Who Souvenir’ was the IEC’s first ever attempt to feature 50 interesting faces from Melbourne, from various walks of life. Dr Kiran Bedi, India’s most admired social activist released the souvenir on 30 October at the Princess Court Reception at Mulgrave. It will now be an annual publication from the IEC.

Indian Consul General (the late) Dr Subhakantha Behera and the Australia India Institute director Dr Amitabh Mattoo were among the 200-odd guests from Melbourne who attended the launch.
At the event, Narwee Media director Siddharth Suresh, introduced the souvenir to the audience: “I feel privileged to have worked on a souvenir of this nature that’s dedicated to one of the most interesting Indian Diasporas across the world.”
Siddharth added: “This souvenir is only an attempt by our group to profile some of the personalities behind the change that’s happening around us in Melbourne”.

Soon after the introduction, Dr Behra introduced Dr Bedi to the audience. Dr Behra said: “Dr Bedi needs no introduction, but her presence in Melbourne will surely inspire the Indian community.”

The event also saw the release of Dr Bedi’s biography ‘Dare To Do — For the New Generation’ by Dr Mattoo. After the launch of souvenir, Dr Bedi congratulated the IEC team for bringing out the souvenir and in her inspiring speech, said, “It was my hunger towards serving the community that inspired me to serve as an honest officer.”

Dedicating her book as well as her success to her parents, Dr Bedi added, “I do everything to make my parents happy.” In the 20-minute open forum, Dr Bedi answered all the questions that she was asked about her honourable service and her support to the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare, after which she signed copies of her book to those who requested it.
Concluding the launch, Srikanth Balan, director Narwee Media thanked, Dr Bedi, Dr Behra and Prof Matoo.
Following the launch ceremony, IEC and the Sri Lankan Business Council entered into a pact to work together in 2013.