Bundles interview with Alister Park, GM of Niche Marketing Telstra


1. There has been a lot of buzz around Telstra’s latest Broadband offer to the home. Can you tell us about this offer?
We recently launched a fantastic new offer for your Internet and home phone. You get 200GB of high-speed cable broadband, home phone line rental and some great family calling benefits – all for $80 per month for 24 months (minimum cost $1,920)! What’s more, when you sign up to this plan on a new broadband connection before 30 June, there are no upfront costs for standard connections. So now you can stream your favourite content – like movie masala- from your favourite websites fast with Telstra!

2. We all use the internet at home to access our favourite sites. What does this bundle offer us for the best internet access?
200GB per month of cable Internet maximum speeds faster than ADSL2+, and we include a high quality modem, so the whole family can watch their favourite online videos from their favourite websites.

3. What is the difference between Cable Broadband and ADSL2+?
Cable broadband is a different technology to ADSL2+. Whilst ADSL2+ is good, the maximum download speeds on cable broadband are faster. It’s not available in all households, so give us a call at Telstra and we’ll set you up with the best internet option that suits your house or apartment.

4. $80 a month with an included modem and fast cable broadband speeds is a great deal for any household! Are there any installation costs?
For a limited time, there are no activation or installation costs for standard connections. And with a high quality modem included, this is a great deal!
This offer ends 30 June 2013 so we encourage you to call 1800 760 652 if you’d like more information.