Why Become A Partner?

The IEC Awards has earned a credible name over the years in the Indian and Australia Business community to being a well supported platform of recognition for all it’s award winners. Therefore, We attribute our growth to the incredible support we have received from the most committed partners from various industries such as IT, Migration, Real Estate, Banking, Sporting, Education & Tourism. If you are an organisation or business looking to gain the large scale exposure within the Indian Diaspora then we encourage you to become a partner with the 8th IEC Awards! 

Become a Partner

IEC hosts several networking events throughout the year and you can be an integral part of them. An Annual partner looks to gain exposure across a minimum of six of our events including the IEC Awards. Partnerships includes the brand presence on all pre and post marketing material for all events on print such as newsletters, website announcements, social media. 

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Sales & Marketing Director