Be Heard, Be Relevant



IEC welcomes Geoff Kelly of Kelly Strategic Influence Pty Ltd.

How specific people see you, your business and your products and services defines the limits of their success. Change how they see you and you will change your future.

Getting heard today takes more effective approaches, and more captivating messages. If we fail to fascinate, we become irrelevant.

Most organisations fail to connect with their stakeholders. Their main flaw is that their messages are complex, abstract and largely about themselves. This robs them of the impact they need.

Information is doubling every three years. The average attention span is down to less than eight seconds. And most people are largely disengaged about most things. So being invisible means no attention, no results, and no future.

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For the last 15 years, Geoff has helped clients with some of the most powerful approaches available to meet this challenge now, and into the future. Although Geoff works with several large corporations and national associations, he also works with Directors of private companies and professional service firms. Clients have included Rio Tinto in London, Orica, Australian Bankers Association, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Richard Pratt, the Victorian Premier’s Office, and many other corporations, private companies and professional service firms.


In his previous corporate career, Geoff worked for four of Australia’s top 10 corporations (including three years on the Executive Committee of a 30,000 person business). He is a former Fellow and Victorian President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, and was a founding Council Member of the Small Business Council of Victoria.

You can contact Geoff at:

Mobile: 0421 112 111