App to Speed


INTRO: Apps are all about making life easier while not burning a hole in your pocket. These apps fit the bill in more ways than one. Get the low down on the apps that can change (or improve) your life
HomeBudget Lite

By Anishu

If you find your checkbook not balancing or domestic life unbalanced by lack of home economics, this is the app for you. With flexibility and categories for every taste and reason, it’s easy to put in income and expense items. You can be as detailed — or not — as you want with this one. It has a lot of options and has a “family sync” function so family members are all clued in. As with many other apps, you pay extra for the real deal. That comes up to $5.49 for the full version. How organised are you?

CommBank Property Guide


This app has everything for the house-hunter who is wants to get out rather than sit at his desk. It gives you the history of the sale at a place as well as giving you a summary of the suburb. A “get directions” tab takes you to Google Maps and helps you navigate so you don’t have to toggle between apps or even switch on your GPS. This info is provided by RP Data. There are other apps in the genre but those lack the background that CBA provides which makes a big difference while hunting for not only the perfect house but the perfect suburb as well.

My Mortgage Kit (free version)

By Vow Financial Group

Calculate how much you can borrow, how much to pay as stamp duty, how much you’ll be up for in transfer and mortgage registration fees all on this one app. With checklists and a handy diagram, it has all the guidance you need to buy a new home. For those not savvy about the technicalities, there is even a glossary of industry jargon.

Bloomberg for iPad

Fantastic app for tracking market movements! Get commodity prices as well as price charts across a range of time periods. Although there is a slight lag in data outputting time, it has the ability to put news from your region front and centre.

Valuables Vault


If your house burnt down, your insurance would cover everything as long as you have the receipts for everything in it. This might come as a surprise but that is how it works. This nifty little app lets you store all the essential data from your receipt including a photo so that it is all categorised and ready to be claimed. Just don’t lose your phone.

Currency+ Free

By Jump Gap Software

When dealing with two or more time zones, chances are you are dealing with two or more currencies. That is where this app comes in. It’s very basic but does the job. It can work on five currencies at once, the exchange rates are reset when you press the refresh button. It also has an option to include a transaction fee as a percentage.