What We Do

   To support, profile and recognise SMEs and executives from the growing Indian Diaspora
   Profile IEC members on our in-house print, digital, video platforms
   Support SMEs & Executives via IECs networking events
   Recognize SMEs and Executives for their achievement and aspiration


What our members are saying about the Indian Executive Club

We’d like to congratulate IEC for the wonderful job it has been doing of getting the Indian business community together for the last couple of years. The invaluable knowledge and resources they share via their website, newsletters and magazine is par excellence and surely helps us keep abreast of all that is happening in the community and the business world around us.

The Indian Executive Club has been a breath of fresh air to professionals (business owners and executives) from the sub-continent, who call Australia home. In addition to providing a networking platform, IEC takes active steps to promote and recognise those who are delivering value to the community and the marketplace through their hard work and passion.

The aim of the Advisory Council is to leverage the work already being done by organisations like IEC. Recognising and celebrating the achievement of business leaders within our Multicultural Communities is another core pillars of what the Minister for Small Business wants to see more of. The IEC has been on this journey for 5 years and now delivers a credible and well run platform that achieves this aim. The Advisory Council is seeking to engage with institutions like IEC.