Dev and Moitrraye bought their franchise in Tarneit Gardens through AA Brokers and they are extremely happy with the advice and decision they have receivedDevraj and Moitraye Barthakur moved from Western Australia to Victoria last year looking for better prospects and opportunities.

The couple and their one-year-old daughter moved to Melbourne to understand a more vibrant and multi-cultural market. They were determined to take a plunge into the small business sector. The duo loved a challenge.With saved up cash, Dev and Moitrate flew down to Melbourne and stayed in hotels for over four months to better understand the market they intend to work in.

Researching about the type of business Dev and Moitraye would want to establish, they were finally convinced that a franchise model is a safe bet, especially when they are new in a town and they want to make that profit sooner.Dev met with Ahmet Ali from AA Brokers at the Franchise and Busines Expo in Melbourne last August. “Ahmet is like a guide and adviser. He gave me the right advise and guided me through the whole process. He gave me the pros and cons and I was convinced that the best option for me was a franchise,” said Dev.

Ahmet Ali runs AA Brokers and is based out of Docklands. AA Business Brokers is a respected professional firm specialising in the sale of businesses and franchises throughout Melbourne. They deal with Commercial and Residential properties in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. With a great lot of experience working in the market Ahmet could advise Dev on buying the right franchise. “Ahmet is extremely skilled in handling your fears and aspirations and giving you that push you need.”Dev bought a Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse in Tarneit Gardens. “Tarneit is dramatically changing every year. More and more people are moving to this area and it’s getting really busy.

It’s only in the last few months that Dev bought the Ferguson Franhise and it’s already showing signs of fast growth. “I’m extremely delighted to have bought this franchise. Ahmet was right. The sales are growing steadly. Although we had two rough months in the beginning because of summer, it’s changed quite a lot in Autumn. The business has grown extensively and I’m pleased to be a part of this chain.

”There are over 66 Franchises run by Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse. The one in Tarneit is just opposite the Woolworths. If you visit Ferguson over the weekend at the Gardens, you can meet Dev to have your favourite coffee, meat pies or banana bread. “ People are crazy about our pies. We have regulars and they get upset if we ever run out of our pies,” Dev suggested. “Our cakes are pretty popular too.”