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Made in Australia, loved in India

Made in Australia, loved in India

Export to India, as a business, is still in its infancy. Hari Yellina has explored the options and found it to be a new and exciting opportunity as well as being commercially viable. He discusses the details of the business as well as the pitfalls and gains of working across two countries and cultures Hari Yellina came to Australia on a business visa 12 years ago. Back then things were quite different. John Howard was Prime Minister, the economy was booming and the number of Indians coming here as international students was increasing every year. There were many businesses that were dependent on this group and Yellina saw the opportunity […]

Manoj Thakkar releases book in Victoria

Manoj Thakkar releases book in Victoria

It was a proud for moment for Indians in Victoria on 5 June when eminent Indian writer and philosopher Guru Shri Manoj Thakkar was warmly received by Hon Daniel Andrews, leader of opposition and shadow multicultural minister at Victorian Parliament. Mr Thakkar recently released his philosophical novel ‘Kashi Marnan Mukti’ worldwide and was on a visit to Australia. He spent a couple of days in Victoria, a region that has the tag of being the multicultural capital of Australia. Mr.Thakkar presented a copy of his book to Hon. Daniel Andrews during a ceremony organised by a group of people from the Sub-continent. Mrs Thakkar, Parliamentary Secretary to Shadow multicultural minister […]

The Entertainment Business – A Lonely Walk

The Entertainment Business – A Lonely Walk

The entertainment business, with all its glitz and glam, is a tricky affair. There are superstars who make the show and then there are the support crews who work tirelessly around them to make those superstars glitter. Being a lady in the industry calls for twice the effort what with all the hidden and not-so-hidden obstacles and traps. Indian Executove talked to Kavita Chabra, one of the first few female entrepreneurs to be working in the entertainment industry. An events expert, Kavita shared her challenges, successes and new ventures with us. Kavita says, “Honestly, in the entertainment business, women genuinely don’t support other successful women. Often, it is a lonely […]

Working on a Healthier and Wealthier India!

Roger & Ally Shehata along side with Rupesh & Harika are on a mission to making a healthier and wealthier Indian community not only in Australia but also back into India. Both Harika and Rupesh had great results on the products. Rupesh lost 14kgs in less than 3 months and Harika lost 5 kgs in a month and significantly increased her immune system, both have felt a difference in their energy and now living a healthier lifestyle. With wonderful results and strong belief in the products and company, Rupesh and Harika decided to start the business opportunity part time. Both were working hard in a major supermarket, as they could […]

Representing the manufacturers of Australia's industrial heartland

The South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA) is a bold initiative by a broad range of regional manufacturers to form an independent association, to represent their interests. It currently has a membership base in excess of 200 companies. SEMMA, as an independent body, hopes to influence State and Federal governments apolitically on all issues directly relating to manufacturing, while promoting the manufacturing capability of the region. “We hope to facilitate collaboration both within and outside the region and identify local and international business opportunities for members both individually and collectively, thereby helping grow their business,” says Lyndon Joss, president, SEMMA. He adds that Melbourne’s south east region currently provides 44 […]

By an Indian, from Oz, for the US

Story: Vinay Malhotra made a calculated decision. He decided to write a book and he decided to write about the US elections. Although he himself is a naturalized Australian citizen who has lived here for over 20 years, according him, the US presidential elections are a “long, well followed, well debated, and glamorous spectacle” and hence his decision to base his novel there. His book has been out for less than three months and already he is on the speech circuit.  There is also talk about the book being made into a movie. Author Vinay Malhotra talks to Tanu. How does it feel to be first time published? It’s a […]

The Candidate that No one want to contend with

This book is a fantastic read. Since all of us are familiar with US politics and it’s workings, there is an immediate connection with the plot setting. With extremely fleshed-out characters, this book makes for an arresting read. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. There is a detailed commentary on the political situation and solutions that can only be described as incredible. While the plot in detailed and credible, it makes for an easy read for a political novice. The greater details will be appreciated by the political junkie. Truly, a book for all. There are parts of the book that, had it been a […]

IKEA CEO willing to work with SMEs: Govt

Amid reservation over the 30 per cent sourcing clause for 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail by multinationals, the Indian government has announced that Swedish furniture retailer IKEA’s Chief Executive Officer Mikael Ohlsson met Commerce Industry and Textiles Minister Anand Sharma in Paris recently. According to an official statement, Ohlsson has expressed willingness to be involved in strengthening of SMEs in India. Ohlsson is reported to have shared his views on the local sourcing clause in the FDI policy with regard to single brand retail. Earlier this month the government had notified opening of 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail, with a clause of 30 per […]

Raves & Rants

“The number of broadband connections provided by the end of December 2011 are 13.35 million.” –   Sachin Pilot, Minister of communication and IT (India) Indians are the largest depositors in Swiss banks and have stashed a staggering $500 billion of black money abroad for tax evasion. – CBI chief A.P. Singh Procter & Gamble (P&G) estimates that in fiscal year 2012, developing markets  including India will contribute 37%, or $31-32 billion, to total sales – Bob McDonald, CEO Procter & Gamble. Most of the African countries are adopting India’s business model. There is unique opportunity for us to do business in Africa. – Sunil Kant Munjal, past president of CII […]

Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara on Time cover

Washington: Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara has made it to the cover of Time magazine. Bharara, nicknamed the Sheriff of Wall Street, shot to fame for prosecuting Sri Lankan American hedge fund tycoon Raj Rajaratnam for insider trading. He is currently prosecuting Rajat Gupta, former McKinsey head and a former Goldman Sachs director, for allegedly giving tips to Rajaratnam. “This man is busting Wall Street” reads the cover of Time, and comes with an article that details Bharara’s anti-corruption crusade as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Written by written by Bill Saporito and Massimo Calabresi, the article chronicles the life of US Attorney, who has taken […]